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Reversing the downward spiral

Posted On: Feb. 11, 2013 12:00 AM CST

Depressing thoughts and counterproductive behavior can take over when injured workers are disabled and can’t resume normal life activities.

For some more than others, it’s probably challenging to fight those tendencies. But not giving up must be a key.

That is why the video below is so inspiring. A source suggested I view it while I was working on a story about successes in using yoga to help chronic pain sufferers grown addicted to opioids.

That story is available here. But more impressive than anything I can write is the video subject’s story.

He damaged his knees while serving in the military, eventually weighed 300 pounds and needed braces to walk.

The video details how he changed his life by ignoring doctors who told him he would never walk normally again, lost weight, and kept getting back up every time he fell.

I hope you find it uplifting.