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Oregon workers comp bill proposes alternative claims backstop

Posted On: Jan. 30, 2013 12:00 AM CST

Self-insured employers in Oregon could use an alternative security deposit system to guarantee payment of workers compensation claims under legislation requested by the Oregon Self-Insurers Association.

House Bill 2634, sponsored by Rep. Brian L. Clem, D-Salem, would create a Self-Insurer Security Fund under which self-insured employers would collectively secure their workers comp claims liabilities, according to a legislative summary of the bill.

Like other states, Oregon requires each employer seeking approval to self-insure their workers comp risks to individually post collateral, such as letters of credit, guaranteeing the continued payment of their claims in the event of an employer’s bankruptcy.

H.B. 2634 would instruct Oregon’s Director of Department of Consumer and Business Services to adopt rules for funding the alternative security deposit system, including rules for determining each employer’s contribution to an aggregate fund.

The bill is before the House Business and Labor Committee.