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OFF BEAT: Hot line snafu has callers chatting about sex, not meningitis

Posted On: Oct. 11, 2012 12:00 AM CST

Florida Gov. Rick Scott has either been convinced of the therapeutic properties of phone sex, or his communications office could do with a good copy editor.

At a press conference on Tuesday, Gov. Scott announced that the state had set up a toll-free informational hot line for residents concerned about the recent outbreak of fungal meningitis, according to a report by the Fox News Network.

But when a local National Public Radio affiliate in Tampa, Fla., posted on its website the number provided by Gov. Scott’s office, they were quickly informed by some of their readers that the number was actually an adult chat line.

Instead of being greeted by state health workers when they dialed the number, callers were instead welcomed by a sultry-sounding woman thanking “boys” for calling her.

The correct number for the state’s meningitis hotline is 866-523-7339, according to Fox News. Gov. Scott’s initial announcement apparently was one digit off.