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OFF BEAT: Nightclub throws punches, says Drake-Chris Brown fight damaged reputation

Posted On: Aug. 17, 2012 12:00 AM CST

The owners of the Manhattan nightclub where an all-out brawl erupted in June between rapper Drake and R&B crooner Chris Brown are apparently ready to do some slugging of their own.

Entertainment Enterprises Ltd. is seeking $16 million in damages from the feuding pop stars, claiming their June 14 donnybrook at the company’s Greenhouse nightclub in Soho “destroyed” the club’s brand and marketability, according to a lawsuit filed Wednesday in New York State Supreme Court in Manhattan.

The lawsuit claims Mr. Brown and Drake—whose real name is Aubrey Drake Graham—had both been drinking heavily in separate areas of the club and, when they finally crossed paths late in the night, began trading blows on the crowded dance floor.

“Each defendant ordered his security personnel, bodyguards, friends and entourage to join in the fight, which erupted into a violent brawl on a massive scale,” the suit claims. “Their two posses had at each other, throwing highball glasses laden with alcohol, shattering the handles of bottles of spirits to use as makeshift knives, and even throwing full bottles at each other.”

Aside from the extensive damage to the club itself and injuries to several uninvolved patrons—among them, NBA All-Star Tony Parker, who has filed his own $20 million lawsuit against the club owners—the lawsuit claims the fight cost the club’s owners a $4 million licensing agreement for the Greenhouse brand.

“When the assignee discovered that the brawl had taken place, it immediately terminated the agreement,” the lawsuit claims, adding that the club’s owners were told that the Greenhouse brand was “worthless” to them, as it had been linked to “violent, life-threatening behavior.”

The lawsuit accuses Drake and Mr. Brown of negligence, intentionally illegal acts and “ultrahazardous” activity, and seeks a minimum of $16 million in compensatory and punitive damages.