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California workers comp claim frequency falls

Posted On: Jul. 20, 2012 12:00 AM CST

California workers comp claim frequency falls

OAKLAND, Calif.—Workers compensation claim frequency fell 2.1% last year for private self-insured employers in California, according to the California Workers' Compensation Institute.

The Oakland, Calif.-based CWCI said medical and indemnity payments for new comp claims among California self-insureds fell about 2% last year to $192 million.

However, total incurred losses for claims filed in 2011—including paid benefits and reserves for future benefits—increased to $620 million last year, up $24.7 million from 2010.

The institute's report was based on data from the California Office of Self-Insurance Plans. The group said rising medical expenses continue to be the main factor for increased workers comp costs among self-insured employers in California.