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OFF BEAT: Burger King worker's lettuce stunt fails to amuse

Posted On: Jul. 20, 2012 12:00 AM CST

Burger King can hardly be blamed for failing to see any humor in a recent post by a now-former employee.

According to news reports and bloggers, an unidentified Burger King employee posted a picture of himself standing in his shoes on top of two containers of shredded lettuce. “This is the lettuce you eat at Burger King,” the worker said in his blog.

In addition, the employee and his cohorts apparently did not cover their tracks. It took a blogger only 15 minutes using GPS data embedded in the photo to locate the fast-food restaurant’s address and contact the franchise, according to reports.

The company said in a statement: “Burger King Corp. is aware of a photo that shows a Burger King restaurant employee violating the company’s stringent food-handling procedures. Food safety is a top priority at all Burger King restaurants, and the company maintains a zero-tolerance policy against any violations such as the one in question.

“The restaurant where this photo was taken is independently owned and operated by a Burger King franchisee. The franchisee has taken swift action to investigate this matter and has terminated the three employees involved in the incident,” Burger King said in the statement.

It would be interesting to find out what the former workers say in their future job applications as the reason they no longer are Burger King employees.