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2012 Risk Manager of the Year® John J. Marren

Posted On: Apr. 12, 2012 12:00 AM CST

John J. Marren

CSL Ltd.

2012 Risk Manager of the Year®

CSL's John J. Marren is Risk Manager of the Year®

At CSL Behring L.L.C. and its parent, CSL Ltd., the process of addressing risk begins with risk management. Insurance is clearly secondary... More

CSL's supply chain mapping a vital risk management tool

As CSL Ltd. grew through acquisitions, one of the inevitable consequences was redundant capabilities at various facilities... More

CSL the prescription for World War I vaccine shortages

The company that would become CSL Ltd. had its origins during World War I, when Australian officials realized the war effectively cut the country off from its traditional supplies of vaccines and other bacteriological products... More

Risk management at CSL requires information sharing

With a decentralized approach to risk management responsibility and global operations at CSL Behring L.L.C. and its parent, CSL Ltd., finding ways to communicate and share information are essential elements of the biotherapy manufacturing firm's risk management program... More

Tax compliance, insurance compliance a CSL management focus

With increased global pressures on companies' local tax and insurance compliance, John J. Marren recognized the potential exposure created in its global insurance program and the need to manage it... More

CSL global property program grows with longtime broker

While the risk management approach at CSL Behring L.L.C. and CSL Ltd. involves managing exposures as though the company had no insurance, CSL does in fact have an extensive insurance program...More

John J. Marren comes to CSL via chemical engineering

Like many in the business, John J. Marren came into his career in risk management inadvertently... More

CSL risk management philosophy is operational risk management

The overriding risk management philosophy at CSL Ltd. and CSL Behring L.L.C. is operational risk management, and executing the philosophy involves a decentralized approach passing risk management responsibility to the managers of the companies' various operations... More

CSL global risk register produced by data collection efforts

As CSL Behring L.L.C. and its parent, CSL Ltd., released a new company risk framework in 2008, CSL Behring's information technology department began devising a Microsoft Excel-based tool to manage the process... More

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