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OFF BEAT: 'Weird Al' sues Sony for unfair business dealings

Posted On: Apr. 5, 2012 12:00 AM CST

“Weird Al” Yankovic is famous for making people laugh with his parodies of hit songs, but his company finds nothing funny about what it regards as unfair business dealings by Sony Corp.

In fact, Ear Booker Enterprises Inc. is so unamused that it has filed suit against Sony in federal court in New York, according to numerous reports.

Ear Booker holds that Sony incorrectly reported the amount of the performer's products sold, resulting in a lower payout to the company. Ear Booker also alleges that it is owed $2.5 million from Google's purchase of Sony's YouTube stock shares six years ago. According to Ear Booker, it deserves part of the earnings because Weird Al’s videos were popular on the website when the sale occurred.

Ear Booker holds that Sony allegedly breached its implied duty of good faith and fair dealing. According to published reports, the suit seeks more than $5 million in total. For Weird Al, that is apparently no laughing matter at all.

Sony could not be reached immediately for comment.