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Missouri Senate overrides veto of workers compensation reform bill

Posted On: Mar. 30, 2012 12:00 AM CST

JEFFERSON CITY, Mo.—Missouri's Senate voted 24-9 Thursday to override Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon's veto of S.B. 572, a bill that aims to reduce workers compensation liability in the state.

The override measure has moved on to the Missouri House of Representatives for consideration, according to a statement Thursday from the state Senate.

The bill would require occupational diseases to be covered solely by workers comp, except in cases of toxic exposure to chemicals, radiation and other substances caused by a third party.

A separate clause says that an employee's co-workers can't be sued for workplace injuries or deaths that would be covered by workers comp, excluding cases of negligence.

In a letter to the Missouri Legislature this month, Gov. Nixon said he disapproved of the legislation because it could prevent workers from seeking compensation for diseases that “involve long-term workplace exposure to toxic substances.” He also said the bill could hinder a “timely and efficient” claims process.