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UP CLOSE: Kendall Hunter

Posted On: Mar. 11, 2012 12:00 AM CST

UP CLOSE: Kendall Hunter


NEW JOB TITLE: Rockville, Md.-based senior vp, health insurance exchange operations for Kaiser Permanente

PREVIOUS POSITION: Denver-based chief operating officer, Mid-Atlantic States, Kaiser Permanente

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Working with state and federal policymakers on implementing major change in U.S. health policy.

GOALS FOR NEW POSITION: Internally, working across Kaiser Permanente to integrate our operational approach to insurance exchanges. Externally, articulating the promise of the new insurance exchanges and Kaiser Permanente's views on how they should be established and operated.

CHALLENGES FACING INDUSTRY: Major changes to the way we do business, with much uncertainty around the rules and regulations governing how we operate.

INDUSTRY OUTLOOK: The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act provides us with a rare opportunity to serve millions of new patients through the insurance exchanges and the expansion of Medicaid.

FIRST EXPERIENCE IN JOB MARKET: I started out at Kaiser Permanente Colorado in the pricing and revenue forecasting areas.

COLLEGE MAJOR: Economics (as an) undergraduate.

ADVICE: Do a great job, with a positive attitude, on whatever assignment you are given.

SOMEONE ONCE TOLD ME: Life and your career go fast, so enjoy the journey.

OUTSIDE THE INDUSTRY, A DREAM JOB: Something in health policy.

HOBBIES: Golf, gardening, hiking, cooking.


FAVORITE BOOK: Anything by Robert Caro; the Lyndon Johnson series; “The Power Broker.”

CAN'T-MISS TELEVISION SHOW: The major golf tournaments.

FAVORITE MEAL: All kinds of soup.

ON A SATURDAY AFTERNOON: Doing something outside.