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Indiana State Fair stage collapse was 'act of God': Sugarland

Posted On: Feb. 22, 2012 12:00 AM CST

INDIANAPOLIS—The country duo Sugarland has responded to a suit filed against them and others by some victims of last year's Indiana State Fair stage collapse, calling the incident an “act of God” and saying Sugarland “had nothing to do with the construction of the venue.”

The suit, filed in Marion Superior Court in Indianapolis, alleges negligence on the part of Sugarland and others contributed to the injuries and deaths that occurred when the stage collapsed during a storm that struck as fans waited for the duo's performance.

The Aug. 13, 2011, stage collapse killed seven people and injured 58.

In its response Thursday, Sugarland said fair officials and Mid-America Sound Corp. were responsible for setting up the stage, adding that the incident was caused “by a gust of wind of unprecedented intensity.”

The statement also says plaintiffs' claims and injuries “were caused by an open and obvious danger,” adding that some or all of the victims' injuries were their own fault as they “knowingly and voluntarily assumed and/or incurred the risk of injury to themselves.”

The band is seeking a jury trial in the case.