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Humorous argument, serious court diss

Posted On: Feb. 1, 2012 12:00 AM CST

A workers compensation claimant seen drinking and partying in photos posted on Facebook and Myspace called the evidence against his case “a disgrace to the dignity of the workers' compensation proceedings and the legal system.”

His argument against allowing use of the photos to deny his claim for benefits strikes Comp Time as a bit amusing.

He claimed he suffered in pain from a work-related hernia and back injury.

The Arkansas Court of Appeals found the photographs “could have a bearing on the claimant’s credibility.” Smack!

Thanks to Courthouse News Service for the tip off on this ruling available here.

In other news, several well-known workers comp bloggers and consultants signed a letter addressed to North Dakota’s press, business community, and residents.

They are calling the prosecution of Sandy Blunt a sham. Read more here.