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ConAgra explosion

Posted On: Jun. 10, 2009 12:00 AM CST

Our deepest sympathies for everyone associated with ConAgra Foods Inc., including the families and co-workers of those killed and injured by the explosion at the Garner, N.C. plant.

The company confirmed yesterday that two workers were found deceased inside the facility that manufactures Slim Jim products.

ConAgra also said it is setting up a fund for contributions to its employees and the community. It will provide counselors for workers and their families.

News reports say a third employee remained missing overnight and nearly 40 others suffered injuries including critical burns.

Safety and work comp professionals know burns are some of the most horrific injuries workers can suffer. They are also some of the most expensive to treat and compensate.

Business Insurance reported in October that ConAgra self-insures its work comp risks through an Arizona-based captive named Risk Resources Ltd. But Comp Time does not know whether ConAgra self insures in North Carolina.

Captive insurers are in-house insurance companies typically owned by a parent company to cover its risks.