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Posted On: Jul. 29, 2007 12:00 AM CST


Executive Vp, Global Sales and Marketing
Willis Group Holdings Ltd.
New York
Age: 51


Carla D’Andre is a recent arrival at Willis, which she joined in February, bringing 30 years of insurance industry experience. Prior to Willis, Ms. D’Andre was managing director at Aon Risk Services of New York.


Best professional advice: "The best professional advice I received... was from my father and it could apply equally to my professional life or personal life. What he told me was no matter what you do in life, sign your name to it. It may not have a place for your signature overtly, but there will always be a place for your signature in the delivery of quality and commitment.... Take ownership of any act you do. Deliver it to a standard—one you won’t compromise on."


Professional role model: "Margaret Thatcher. I feel she is an extraordinary individual and was able to lead one of the most accomplished and prosperous nations as a woman at a time where few governments or businesses in the world were led by women. She often speaks of growing up over her father’s store. It seems as if she really gained much of her achievement on her own…. Condoleezza Rice exudes leadership. She is in my estimation unflappable in discussions. She is quite logical in her thought and very deductive in her reasoning and fully committed to what she does."


Advice to young women: "I would tell women (insurance is) a very robust field, that there is extraordinary opportunity, that they should be prepared to work very hard and that they should understand the value of networking and use it."


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