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Posted On: Jul. 29, 2007 12:00 AM CST


Partner, Vice Chair
Gilbert Randolph L.L.P.
Age: 47


Rachel S. Kronowitz, a founding partner in the law firm Gilbert Randolph L.L.P. in 2001, is an all-purpose risk management attorney. She counsels corporate defendants and assists clients with developing strategic approaches to risk management, structuring insurance and risk transfer portfolios, and recovering insurance for significant claims. She has successfully represented Fortune 100 companies in multibillion-dollar acquisitions, in coverage disputes with insurers over property, mass tort and shareholder claims, and in restructuring their organizations in the face of mass tort liabilities. Ms. Kronowitz also is involved in American Bar Assn. activities and community work.


Advice to young women: "I think I’d give them twofold advice. One is to find a really terrific mentor—someone who’s really supportive and will push you really hard to do the best work you can do. And, it’s very useful, I find it, to do things in the community, to get out in the community and get to know people. You contribute to the community and meet other, really terrific women at the top of their careers. It’s important because the networking aspect of it is important, and it forges relationships with other women who are very supportive and act as a terrific sounding board both personally and professionally….It also feeds your soul."


Professional role model: "Probably my biggest role model is Scott Gilbert, chairman of Gilbert Randolph and the first person I would work with closely on the type of legal issues we work on today. He’s a bit of a maverick. He’s helped me with the fundamentals and thinking very strategically on how to help clients reach their goals. Often, there’s not just one way. You have to think strategically and get there most effectively."


Best professional advice: "We often say at our firm—it’s less advice I’ve gotten than advice I give, because I got it as a young lawyer—work hard, do well and have fun. If you don’t have fun with what you do, you’re not going to be as good at it."

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