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Posted On: Jul. 29, 2007 12:00 AM CST


Managing Partner
Dickstein Shapiro L.L.P.
Los Angeles
Age: 42


Linda D. Kornfeld has been managing partner of Dickstein Shapiro L.L.P.’s Los Angeles office since May 2005 and is a partner in the firm’s insurance coverage practice, in which she represents policyholders in disputes with their insurers. Ms. Kornfeld previously was a name partner in the insurance coverage litigation specialist law firm Pasich & Kornfeld L.L.P., attorneys from which opened the Dickstein Shapiro Los Angeles office.


Coverage dispute approach: "Once a company is in litigation with its insurer and the parties go down that path, positions can become entrenched, making an amicable resolution difficult. My goal is to resolve my clients’ disputes and recover insurance proceeds that are due, rather than spend their money in litigation. So, I work to develop a relationship with the attorneys on the other side to create a dialogue that allows us to talk through and resolve issues rather than fight about them when fights are not necessary. This approach has enabled me to negotiate substantial settlements on behalf of my clients."


Professional role model: "My mentor, Kirk Pasich. Kirk hired me early in my career. He is a brilliant, gentleman lawyer. He works hard and does excellent work, but better than any lawyer I know, he maintains constant balance and perspective. He treats everyone who crosses his path with great respect. For that reason, Kirk has garnered extreme loyalty from everyone with whom he has worked. Kirk sets a high standard by which to judge professional happiness and success. In an effort to achieve both, throughout my career, I have attempted to emulate Kirk's manner of dealing with the profession and those within it."


Advice to young women: "Women entering the profession should, one, be flexible with their career path and, two, embrace their innate skills as women. Throughout my career I have been willing to enter doors that opened, even if they did not lead where I planned to go professionally. Each time, I discovered more fulfilling business opportunities. I also believe that women can achieve success for their organizations and themselves by applying traits sometimes identified as more typically 'female.' Young women need not feel that to succeed they must be 'men in skirts.' Instead, they should embrace the different perspective they bring to the table."


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