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Swiss Re offers natural cat management consulting

Posted On: Apr. 30, 2007 12:00 AM CST

NEW ORLEANS--Swiss Reinsurance Co.'s Global Asset Protection Services is offering new onsite consulting services to improve the management of wind- and earthquake-related risks.

Zurich, Switzerland-based Swiss Re announced the consulting services Monday during the Risk & Insurance Management Society Inc.'s convention in New Orleans.

According to Swiss Re, loss prevention engineers will visit sites and gather property-specific data to enable detailed loss estimate modeling for wind risks. In addition, earthquake consultants will collect data on sites to ensure the accuracy of insurance models so clients' insurance premiums accurately reflect the risk.

Swiss Re said consultants also will recommend ways to mitigate nonstructural exposures, such as how a company should prepare its employees at a site in the event of an earthquake, as well as creating business continuity plans to allow operations to resume as quickly as possible after an earthquake or storm.