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Insurance questions in Yankee pitcher's death

Posted On: Oct. 13, 2006 12:00 AM CST

NEW YORK—New York Yankees pitcher Cory Lidle's family will receive life insurance and pension benefits, but may be ineligible for proceeds from an accidental death and dismemberment insurance policy if it is determined Lidle was piloting his plane when it crashed into a New York building.

Under the benefits program of the Major League Baseball Players Assn., Melanie Lidle would receive $450,000 from a life insurance policy following her husband's death in the Wednesday crash and fire that also killed his flight instructor.

Ms. Lidle would also receive a widow's benefit, consisting of 95% of a $175,000 pension benefit available to MLB players. Mr. Lidle was just shy of the 10 years required for full vesting under the pension plan, according to a union source.

In addition, a $200 monthly dependent benefit will be paid to the family on behalf of his son, Christopher, until he reaches adulthood, the source said.

According to the benefit plan, though, under an exclusion in the policy, the pitcher's family would not receive proceeds from an accidental death and dismemberment policy of $1.05 million if it is determined that the pitcher was at the controls of the plane when it crashed.