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Women to Watch: Lynn Drennan

Posted On: Oct. 8, 2006 12:00 AM CST

Lynn Drennan

Chief Executive

Assn. of Local Authority Risk Managers

Glasgow, Scotland

Age: 53

Before she took up her post at ALARM in August 2006, Lynn Drennan was executive director of the Cullen Centre for Risk and Governance, and Head of the Division of Risk, at Glasgow Caledonian University. As chief executive of ALARM, Ms. Drennan heads the United Kingdom's association for risk management in the public sector, which has over 1,800 members. In addition, Ms. Drennan has conducted research projects for public and private sector clients, and has served on committees of the Chartered Insurance Institute, ALARM and the Institute of Risk Management.

Greatest influence: "I am fortunate in having had a number of line managers who encouraged and provided opportunities for me to learn and progress. The expression 'feel the fear but do it anyway' pretty much sums up the first 10 years of my career. It never occurred to me to say 'no' to taking on interesting tasks or projects, if I thought I could learn from them. The result was that one good thing tended to lead to another."