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Posted On: May. 18, 1997 12:00 AM CST

Listings in the annual Business Insurance directory of rent-a-captives begin with the name of the rent-a-captive and manager and the address of the manager.

Listed next is the domicile of the rent-a-captive; the risks the rent-a-captive underwrites; the limits it provides; the minimum retention; the policy form used; how potential policyholders can gain access to the rent-a-captive; the date the first policy was written; 1996 premium volume and estimated 1997 premium volume; assets as well as capital and surplus at year-end 1996; the number of policyholders in 1996 and an estimate for 1997; and a description of the rent-a-captive's membership, including any association requirements. Completing the listing is the name of the person to contact for additional information.

The information on each rent-a-captive was provided by the rent-a-captive or its manager in response to a Business Insurance questionnaire. Although every effort has been made to report complete and accurate information, BI is unable to verify all the information provided.

To be included in next year's directory, contact Richard Trout, Assistant Directory Editor, Business Insurance, 740 N. Rush St., Chicago, Ill. 60611-2590; 312-649-5483; fax: 312-649-7801.