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Posted On: Apr. 13, 1997 12:00 AM CST

Ten criteria are used to score the nominations submitted for the Business Insurance Risk Manager of the Year Award and Risk Management Honor Roll.

The awards are intended to recognize outstanding risk management and outstanding risk managers.

The panel of 10 independent judges scores each nominated candidate on a scale of one to 10, according to how well he or she:

Established and implemented an effective risk management program within the organization.

Tackled and solved one or more major problems for his or her organization.

Innovatively applies the diverse tools of risk management and insurance.

Creatively and effectively uses the insurance markets to structure an insurance program that serves the needs of the organization (specifically addressing the types of policies purchased and manuscripted policies, if any).

Established a workable intelligence system inside and outside the organization, culminating in a flow of information about events and activities that affect the organization's risk management and insurance (how the risk manager secures information from other departments and the use of risk management information systems are addressed in this criterion).

Skillfully performs the functions of management in the overall organization and within the risk management/

insurance department.

The functions include planning, organizing, directing and controlling.

Achieves the most effective program at the optimum cost over the long term.

Developed technical expertise in any or all of the broad categories included within risk management, leading to a better managerial grasp of the operational aspects of the job.

Exhibits an attitude and performs activities fostering the advancement of the risk management profession (such as professional activities, speaking engagements, teaching and related activities).

Develops in his or her career (as exhibited by job history, including current job description, education, honors and memberships).