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Posted On: Mar. 2, 1997 12:00 AM CST


Resource Information Management Systems Inc. (RIMS)

500 Technology Drive, P.O. Box 3094, Naperville, Ill. 60566-7094; 630-369-5300;

fax: 630-369-5168

Benefit systems since: 1981.

Software systems:

*QicClaim/2 Health and Managed Care Administration Software.

System requirements: 486 PC; DOS, HPUX, DGUX or AIX platform; 32MB RAM, 500MB hard disk; multiple user.

Online system.

Customization optional.

First Installation: 1981.

Total installations: 318 in employee benefit departments.

Benefits managed: Flexible benefits, disability, COBRA, group health plans, dental, mental health, health information data.

Features: Contains all core functions for processing health claim transactions and managed care encounters, including membership, provider files, plan of benefits definition, system tables and reinsurance. Optional modules include support and integration of complex PPO contracts into benefit plan design and administration; HMO network management and plan administration; utilization management; procedure-driven claims/encounter adjudication; batch data entry/electronic claims receipt and application; claims screening; billing; cost containment; dental benefits administration; application processing; common benefit plan coding method and benefits table cross referencing procedure; customer services tracking and reporting; access to key member, provider and transactional information; optical character recognition, automated print/mail service.

User support: User groups/meetings*, onsite training, telephone assistance 24 hours per day, customized training, consulting services, regional training, executive forums.

Staff: 271 total, 257 professionals.

Clients: 403 total. Sold systems to 24 clients in 1996.

1996 revenues: $32.5 million total. $31.5 from employee benefit information systems sales and services, 11.5% from hardware sales, 40.3% from software sales, 48.2% from software services.

Officers: Tom Heimsoth, chairman/CEO; Terry Kirch, president; Jerry Horwitz, executive vp-client services; Paul Kronberg, executive vp-sales/marketing; Steve Clements, vp-marketing/strategic planning.

Contact: Ellen Rich, director-marketing communications.

**Included in system price.