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Posted On: Jan. 19, 1997 12:00 AM CST

BAY CITY, Mich.-Claims against Dow Corning Corp. by U.S. creditors and women with silicone breast implants are being processed following the deadline last week for filing domestic claims with the bankruptcy court.

U.S. creditors and women with silicone breast implants had until Jan. 15 to file claims. Foreign creditors and claimants have until Feb. 14 to file claims against Dow Corning.

U.S. claimants had attempted to get a 30-day extension of the deadline last week, but Judge Arthur Spector of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court in Bay City rejected their motion Thursday.

The court similarly rejected a motion filed last week by Dow Corning seeking to extend by an additional 30 days the court-imposed deadline for co-defendants, such as other implant makers, to file claims with the bankruptcy court. As a result, co-defendants have only 30 days from last week's deadline to file claims.

Thousands of claims have been filed with a court administrator by individuals seeking compensation for defective or disease-causing implants. In addition, creditors and claimants filed a motion in the bankruptcy court Jan. 10 to terminate Dow Corning's exclusivity protection so that they could file a reorganization plan of their own. The court set an April 17 hearing date for the reorganization motion and a review of claims.