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Tony Angelo

November 4, 2012

NAME: Tony Angelo

NEW JOB TITLE: Kennesaw, Ga.-based regional vice president of the southeast region Philadelphia Insurance Cos.

PREVIOUS POSITION: Birmingham, Ala.-based regional sales manager for Alabama and Mississippi for Philadelphia Insurance Cos.

CHALLENGES FACING THE INDUSTRY: What you just saw on the East Coast. No carrier is able to escape the increase in weather-related incidents. Last year we had tornadoes. Finding a way to stay in the game and be profitable is a challenge.

INDUSTRY OUTLOOK: Right now, prior to Hurricane Sandy, this was a great year for carriers. Every one of us was reporting growth and profits. Hopefully we’ll be able to increase our profitability.

FIRST EXPERIENCE IN THE INDUSTRY JOB MARKET: Twenty years ago when I was in college I had an internship with the brokerage Sedgwick James Inc. (now Marsh Inc.). … I was one of the few who came out of college wanting a career in this field.

ADVICE: Come to work everyday with the goal of making a difference.

FAVORITE BOOK: “The Wealthy Barber; Everyone’s Commonsense Guide to Becoming Financially Independent,” by David Chilton. It was recommended to me early in my career and the things I learned helped me become successful. My insurance professor in college recommended it.

HOBBIES: I used to play golf. Now that I have a 2-year-old daughter, I am more interested in going to the park, pushing around a tricycle.