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Submit your photos for the industry events gallery wants to give exposure to the best of your photographs on our web site.

Share your digital photography from company, association and industry awards, charity events and fundraisers, conferences and luncheons, celebrity events, corporate outings and more. Promote your executives and your company among the Business Insurance community.

We know that for years you and your peers have sent such photographs to Business Insurance attached to press releases, but without a regular home for community news photos in print, we rarely published such photos. Now, with the accessibility of the Internet and the prevalence of digital photography, we have the means and desire to create a home for your photos. And who knows—if the online photo galleries prove popular, BI could eventually publish the best of these photos to print.

We encourage you to think of us again when you take photos of a corporate award program, a client event, a charity fundraiser, notable personalities or entertainers at a corporate retreat or sporting event, or other gatherings where you take photos.

Your photo will be reviewed by Business Insurance editors and, if accepted, will be published online in a weekly online gallery of risk management, employee benefits and insurance industry snapshots. After a week, the album will be archived and continue to be accessible for a reasonable period of time. Photos will be sized to a fixed horizontal or vertical size, with a brief caption identifying the people in the photo and the occasion/location of the subject.

We typically will run only one photo per event, but if you have a compelling case for running multiple photos and they are good photos, tell us about it.

Of course, a good photo is a good photo—it must be in focus, composed nicely and have relevance to the Business Insurance audience.

What you need to keep in mind about your photo submission:

Send your digital photographs attached to an e-mail, with the information above, to Business Insurance with the subject line, Photo Submissions.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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