Business Insurance - _Workers Comp en-us Mon, 30 Mar 2015 19:08:29 EST 10 NFL Players Sue over Health Issues 20150330/NEWS08/150339968 Chris Borland, a 24-year-old linebacker for the San Francisco 49ers, retired from the National Football League in March to protect his health, an issue over which several current and former NFL players have sued the league. Mon, 30 Mar 2015 16:47:09 EST NCCI files for 2.6% Maine workers comp loss cost rate increase 20150330/NEWS08/150339976 The National Council on Compensation Insurance Inc. has filed to increase Maine workers compensation loss cost rates by 2.6% beginning April 1. Mon, 30 Mar 2015 14:14:30 EST Pennsylvania workers comp rates to go down nearly 6% 20150330/NEWS08/150339980 Workers compensation advisory rates will decrease 5.99% for Pennsylvania employers on Wednesday, according to Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf. Mon, 30 Mar 2015 11:38:06 EST States strive to fill loopholes in rules on prescription drug repackaging 20150329/NEWS08/303299986 State efforts to restrict prices for physician-dispensed prescriptions have helped lower drug spending for workers compensation claims, but experts say future reforms likely will need to limit or ban physician dispensing in order to prevent prices from... Sun, 29 Mar 2015 06:00:00 EST Urine testing a frontline defense against comp-based opioid abuse 20150327/NEWS08/150329851 Urine drug testing is one of the few tools that allow payers and physicians to monitor compliance and aberrant behavior among injured workers on opioids, speakers said during a webinar by pharmacy benefit manager myMatrixx, the marketing name of Matrix... Fri, 27 Mar 2015 13:41:53 EST Nurse allergic to floor wax qualifies for workers comp 20150326/NEWS08/150329868 A Pennsylvania nurse should receive workers compensation benefits for exposure to a floor wax that caused her to have breathing problems, even though she has since moved on to a new part-time job and is no longer experiencing asthma symptoms. Thu, 26 Mar 2015 14:48:32 EST Humana shifts away from occupational injury care with Concentra sale 20150326/NEWS08/150329873 Humana Inc.'s $1 billion sale of occupational health and physical therapy unit Concentra Inc. apparently marks the health care insurer's exit from the workers compensation field. Thu, 26 Mar 2015 08:56:28 EST Tennessee opt-out route for workers compensation hits roadblock 20150325/NEWS08/150329886 The Tennessee Advisory Council on Workers' Compensation has unanimously decided not to recommend a bill that would allow employers to opt out of the state's workers compensation system. Wed, 25 Mar 2015 14:34:47 EST Settled workers comp claim doesn't bar survivor death benefits 20150325/NEWS08/150329890 A Kentucky man's settlement of his workers compensation claim prior to his death doesn't bar his wife from seeking death benefits, the state Court of Appeals has ruled. Wed, 25 Mar 2015 11:13:49 EST Worker who fell asleep at the wheel due comp for lost leg 20150324/NEWS08/150329917 The Supreme Court of New Hampshire last week overruled a decision by the state’s Compensation Appeals Board to deny benefits to a driver who was injured after he fell asleep behind the wheel of a company truck and struck a utility pole. Tue, 24 Mar 2015 12:13:20 EST