Business Insurance - Web News en-us Thu, 26 May 2016 17:15:38 EST 10 RIMS sounds alarm on latest OSHA injury-reporting rules 20160526/NEWS06/160529841 The new electronic recordkeeping rule issued by OSHA has drawn concern from the risk management community, the Risk & Insurance Management Society Inc. said Thursday. Thu, 26 May 2016 15:50:31 EST Symantec says SWIFT malware linked to attack in Philippines 20160526/NEWS06/160529842 (Reuters) — The malware that was used to steal $81 million from Bangladesh’s central bank has been linked to another cyber attack, this time on a bank in the Philippines, cyber security company Symantec Corp. said in a blog post on Thursday. Thu, 26 May 2016 15:37:36 EST FDA approves first implant to treat opioid addiction 20160526/NEWS08/160529843 (Reuters) — The first-ever implant to fight addiction to opioids, a class of drugs that includes prescription painkillers and heroin, was approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on Thursday. Thu, 26 May 2016 14:54:55 EST Travelers promotes exec, 30-year veteran to retire 20160526/NEWS06/160529844 Travelers Cos. Inc. announced that Greg Toczydlowski has been promoted to president of business insurance, effective immediately, while Doreen Spadorcia, a vice chairman, will retire Sept. 1 after 30 years with the company. Thu, 26 May 2016 12:58:50 EST Transgender rights opponents sue federal agencies over equality rules 20160526/NEWS06/160529845 Officials from 11 states have filed a lawsuit against the Obama Administration in response to its position in favor of civil rights for transgender individuals. Thu, 26 May 2016 12:46:28 EST Cigna deal wins approval from Anthem's home state 20160526/NEWS03/160529846 Indianapolis-based health insurer Anthem Inc. on Thursday said the Indiana Department of Insurance greenlit its pending merger with Cigna Corp. Thu, 26 May 2016 12:37:03 EST Liberty Mutual employees score victory in pension fight 20160526/NEWS03/160529847 An appeals court handed a victory to several Liberty Mutual Insurance Co. employees ruling they could pursue claims against the insurer. Thu, 26 May 2016 12:01:51 EST Bangladesh probes 2013 hack for links to central bank heist 20160526/NEWS06/160529848 (Reuters) — Bangladesh police are reviewing a nearly forgotten 2013 cyber heist at the nation's largest commercial bank for connections to February's $81 million heist at the country's central bank, a senior law enforcement official said Wednesday. Thu, 26 May 2016 10:51:21 EST Ecuador cyber thieves moved $9 million to 23 Hong Kong firms 20160526/NEWS06/160529849 (Reuters) — Cyber thieves who stole $12 million from an Ecuadorian bank in 2015 routed the funds through 23 companies registered in Hong Kong, some of them with no clear business activity, according to previously unreported court filings and... Thu, 26 May 2016 10:40:11 EST Defined benefit pension woes hinders sale of steel manufacturer 20160526/NEWS03/160529850 (Reuters) — Britain's government said on Thursday it had started discussions on overhauling the deficit-laden British Steel Pension Scheme, a major stumbling block for potential buyers of Tata Steel Ltd.'s U.K. assets. Thu, 26 May 2016 08:46:44 EST