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Benefits Management

Legislative and regulatory compliance, plan design, financing and strategy issues related to managing employee benefit plans, primarily health care and retirement benefits.

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    Benefits Management

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    Benefits Management

A major issue for foreign companies doing business in China is dealing with the lack of regulatory transparency ›› More

One of the biggest cost drivers in workers compensation is seemingly “average” claims that take a turn for the worst and result in several years of medical treatment and disability. Mark Walls, vp of claims for Safety National Casualty Corp. discusses the common threads of “creeping catastrophic” claims. ›› More

During recent years, Liberty Mutual Holding Co. has doubled the number of interns it hires during the summer to more than 600. About 90% of those interns receive full-time job offers, and about 80% of those who receive offers accept them. ›› More

Self-funding health care for employees can be an effective money-saving tool for mid-market employers. However, failing to thoroughly account for high-risk employees can quickly sabotage a self-insured plan, as one employer learned. Stop-loss insurance can provide relief in the event of a catastrophic claim, but smaller companies should expect carriers to insist on higher attachment points (the level to which an employer is responsible for paying a claim) for any employee already diagnosed with a serious illness or determined to have a higher probability of contracting one. ›› More