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Brokers launch business interruption cover for Ebola, other pandemics

Published October 15, 2014 CST

Miller Insurance Services L.L.P. and William Gallagher Associates Insurance Brokers Inc. on Wednesday launched a pandemic disease business interruption insurance coverage product.

Travelers sues P.F. Chang's to avoid paying breach costs

Published October 13, 2014 CST

A Travelers Cos. unit has filed suit against P.F. Chang's China Bistro Inc. seeking a judicial declaration that it is not obligated to provide indemnity coverage or defense costs in connection with a data breach announced earlier this year.

EEOC suits contend wellness programs violate disability law

Published October 12, 2014 CST

The EEOC recently filed lawsuits against two Wisconsin companies that underscore the need for more clarity on rules that govern employers' use of financial incentives to motivate employee participation in workplace wellness programs.

NAS offers coverage for Ebola-related business closures

Published October 17, 2014 CST

NAS Insurance Services Inc. is offering a new insurance program for businesses facing the possibility of government-mandated closure because of the presence of Ebola.

TD Bank to pay $850K in multi-state settlement over 2012 breach

Published October 15, 2014 CST

(Reuters) — TD Bank N.A. agreed to pay $850,000 and reform its practices to resolve a nine-state probe of a 2012 data breach, New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said on Wednesday.

OFF BEAT: House is built, but there’s a lot of trouble

Published October 15, 2014 CST

A house is only as good as the lot it sits on. And when that lot belongs to the neighbors, it’s not much good.

Employee delivery drivers can’t be reclassified as contractors, court rules

Published October 17, 2014 CST

Delivery drivers who went from being classified as employees to independent contractors can rely on the California Industrial Welfare Commission's definition of “employee” for claims that fall within the scope of its wage orders, California's 2nd District Court of Appeal ruled.

Kmart removes malware called undetectable by anti-virus systems

Published October 14, 2014 CST

Kmart's payment data systems have been infected with a form of malware that is undetectable by current anti-virus systems, says its parent company, Sears Holdings Corp.

Canada condo boom rolls on as buildings fall apart

Published October 13, 2014 CST

(Reuters) — While Toronto's housing boom rolls on, some of the housing itself is falling apart.

Photo-saving service claims hackers stole Snapchat images

Published October 13, 2014 CST

(Reuters) —, a website which allows users to save images sent via Snapchat, claimed on Monday that hackers had breached its servers and made off with about 500 megabytes of photographs.