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Comp Time

by Sheena Harrison
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Medicaid Secondary Payer guidelines continue to roll out

3:40 pm, Feb. 20

In addition to considering comments on penalties for Medicare Secondary Payer noncompliance, the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services also has issued recent notices about other upcoming changes to Medicare law.CMS issued a notice on Feb. 11 seeking comments on a proposed process to reconsider ...MORE


Could Northwestern University athlete unionization pave way for player comp claims?

3:38 pm, Feb. 7

A push from the Northwestern University football team to unionize its players will be an interesting issue to watch for the workers compensation arena, particularly in light of concussion claims filed by National Football League players in recent years."Nearly 100%" of Northwestern's scholarship ...MORE


Several California contractors accused of comp fraud

3:57 pm, Jan. 31

On the heels of an alleged $36 million workers compensation fraud scheme being prosecuted in Orange County, Calif., another string of California businesses is accused of defrauding comp insurers in the state.Several California contracting firm employees were arraigned this week in connection with ...MORE


Opening round of briefs filed in Florida Westphal case

4:22 pm, Jan. 21

The first round of briefs has been filed with Florida's Supreme Court to consider whether a 104-week time limit on workers compensation temporary total disability benefits is constitutional.In Bradley Westphal v. City of St. Petersburg et al., a split en banc Florida 1st District Court of Appeals ...MORE


Video of workers behaving badly shows risk management gone wrong

11:25 am, Dec. 13

As someone who covers the workers compensation industry, it's impossible not to cringe at this "Ultimate Workers Fail" video. Here's hoping that your employees are staying safer on the job than the people featured here.Just a heads-up, there's a little bit of NSFW language at the 2:50 mark: ...MORE


Oklahoma Supreme Court weighs constitutionality of comp opt-out plan

3:01 pm, Dec. 11

The fate of Oklahoma's alternative workers compensation system, which was just signed into law in May, is in the hands of the state's Supreme Court right now.The high court heard arguments Tuesday to consider whether Oklahoma's workers comp "opt-out" law is constitutional, according to the ...MORE


"Zero-cost" workers comp claims paid by other health plans: NIOSH report

11:44 am, Dec. 10

Turns out that "zero-cost" workers compensation claims actually have some costs after all, and actually cost group health plans more than $200 million a year, according to a report published this month in the Journal of Occupational & Environmental Medicine.A study by the National Institute for ...MORE


Medicare Secondary Payer groups want a re-do on interim rule

11:45 am, Nov. 21

Medicare Secondary Payer experts are pretty unhappy with the plan issued by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to implement the Strengthening Medicare and Repaying Taxpayers Act, better known as the SMART Act.In comments submitted to CMS this month, the Risk & Insurance Management ...MORE


Yoga, yogurt, and a Calfornia auto accident

4:49 pm, Oct. 31

Workers compensation claims experts love to roll their eyes when California cases get mentioned.Here is the auto-accident case of a Marsh USA Inc. insurance brokerage employee that makes California eye-roll worthy. For the case involves a “coming and going rule” and after-work plans to ...MORE


Ethnic competitive edge in claims management

10:05 am, Oct. 21

Kudos to David North for discussing a need to meet the growing ethnic and diversity differences of employees across the country with workers compensation claims professionals who can navigate cultural variations.And thanks to Bob Wilson for writing about Dave’s discussion on the topic. Dave ...MORE


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