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Comp Time

by Sheena Harrison
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OSHA extends comment period for electronic reporting proposal

3:37 pm, Aug. 14

U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration has extended its comment period for a proposed rule that would mandate electronic reporting of workplace safety data after safety professionals and risk managers expressed concern about the proposal.In a statement Wednesday, OSHA said it will ...MORE


Washington state employer reinstates worker fired over legal marijuana purchase

3:42 pm, Jul. 11

While employers are waiting for the Colorado Supreme Court to decide whether companies can fire employees who use medical marijuana in that state, it appears that at least one employer in marijuana-friendly Washington state has decided that pot use isn't necessarily a cause for termination. ...MORE


Workers comp package signed into law for former Delphi Corp. workers

2:19 pm, Jul. 3

A series of bills has been signed into law that will provide $42.4 million in workers compensation benefits to “several hundred former employees” of failed automotive parts manufacturer Delphi Corp.H.B. 5489 and 12 related bills were signed into law by Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder late ...MORE


Colorado, Illinois pass new workers comp laws

11:41 am, Jun. 11

Colorado workers compensation claimants will have a greater number of treating physicians to choose from for their medical care, thanks to new legislation set to kick in next year that was supported by Colorado businesses.H.B. 1383 was signed into law on Thursday by Colorado Gov. John Hickenlooper, ...MORE


Louisiana legislators drop consideration of workers comp bill for pro athletes

2:54 pm, May. 28

While former National Football League players continue to battle the NFL over health problems they allegedly suffer because of their football careers, it appears one fight over workers compensation benefits for athletes in Louisiana may have fallen by the wayside.H.B. 1069, a Louisiana bill that ...MORE


Several NFL players say $765M settlement won't cover their conditions

2:05 pm, May. 7

The court fight over a proposed $765 million settlement for retired National Football League players who suffer from concussion-related medical conditions continues after seven athletes filed a motion this week seeking money for injuries and illnesses not mentioned in the original agreement.A ...MORE


Introducing a new addition to Business Insurance's workers comp team

9:25 am, Apr. 23

I wanted to take a bit to introduce Stephanie Goldberg, a new associate editor at Business Insurance who joined me this week in covering the workers compensation market. Stephanie holds a bachelor's degree in journalism from Michigan State University, and she began her career at CNN Digital in ...MORE


New opioid guidelines recommend cutting maximum daily dosing in half

4:01 pm, Apr. 16

While the release of Zohydro ER into the market has sparked concerns among workers compensation experts, a new set of prescription guidelines advises cutting opioid dosing limits in half to save lives and reduce addiction.Reed Group Ltd., a disability case management services firm in Westminster, ...MORE


FDA approves opioid overdose remedy as comp industry prepares for Zohydro

3:43 pm, Apr. 3

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved a new medication that it says will be critical in preventing opioid painkiller overdoses -- one of the top pharmaceutical issues that the workers compensation industry continues to keep an eye on.In a statement Thursday, the FDA announced that it ...MORE


Most industries have seen fall in work-related deaths: National Safety Council report

5:05 pm, Mar. 20

Work-related deaths in the United States decreased in 2012, although the mining and construction industries saw an increase in fatalities from 2011, according to a new report by the National Safety Council.The council released its Injury Facts report this month. The data shows that there were 3,613 ...MORE


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