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How employers can manage difficult claims-adjusting challenges, while keeping workers compensation costs in check

Obtaining desirable results from work comp claims adjusters requires employers' attention to third-party administrator practices.

  1. Identify & Analyze

    Managing adjusters' evolving role

  2. Evaluate & Implement

    Actions when contracting for adjuster services

  3. Monitor & Adjust

    Improving claims management performance

Employers failing to properly monitor their third-party administrator's adjusters will experience higher claims costs regardless of whether their TPA is a small company or large nationwide entity, industry veterans say. ›› More

Replacing veteran workers compensation adjusters with younger and less experienced employees can slow resolution of claims, experts say. ›› More

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Know 8 Costly Mistakes Workers Comp Adjusters Make

Workers compensation adjusters have a tough job, often managing heavy caseloads under constant pressure, which is why it’s important to recognize some of the costly mistakes they can make.

Despite a trend of linking workers compensation bill review services with pharmacy benefit manager technology, individual claims adjuster creativity remains critical for curbing doctor-dispensed medication costs. ›› More

Companies with large workforces or specialized return-to-work programs are asking their third-party administrators to provide dedicated claims adjusters who work exclusively on the company's workers compensation accounts. ›› More

Claims adjusters are subject to high work loads and the stress that goes with them. But how do you mitigate the stress in order to be not just a productive but a healthy human being? Michael Moss, a human resources consultant with American International Talent Acquisition Inc., gives the following advice. ›› More

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Work Comp Analysis LinkedIn group discussion

Smart employers regularly audit their third-party administrators to assure the adjusters managing their claims are following client contract terms and efficiently working to help return injured workers to the job.

After a pilot study proved that automatically assigning workers compensation nurse case managers to all lost-time claims significantly reduced injured workers' time away from the job, American Airlines Inc. is expanding the practice nationwide. ›› More

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Risk Managers Look to Alternative Program Designs Amid Rising Workers' Compensation Costs

More employers are unbundling the workers compensation managed care services they purchase, rather than obtaining those services through third-party administrators providing their claims adjusters.