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Disability management: How employers can integrate and coordinate it with their other benefits suppliers

As employers try to put in place integrated disability management, they find it daunting to coordinate services provided by their insurers and other providers.

  1. Identify & Analyze

    Coordinating health and productivity benefits presents challenges

  2. Evaluate & Implement

    Tools and strategies for coordinating benefits

  3. Monitor & Adjust

    Working to eliminate overlapping benefits

Large employers face substantial challenges in trying to determine whether they are paying for wasteful coverage overlaps among an array of benefit programs intended to keep employees healthy and productive, observers say. ›› More

Poor worker health and related productivity losses cost U.S. employers $576 billion annually, including workers compensation, disability and group health program expenses, according to research released last week. ›› More

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Integrated Disability Management in a Challenging Economy

With fewer employees doing more work employers are conscious of the need to keep those employees healthy and productive.

Employers must take charge to realize an optimal return on investment from the wide array of employee health, absence management and disability programs they fund, according to a prominent benefits manager. ›› More

A growing demand among employers for integrated disability and absence management is one of the driving forces in a new collaboration between Aetna Inc. and three workers compensation third-party administrators. ›› More

Editor's Picks: Online Solutions & Resources

Meet the New Boss: Big Data

More companies seeking to boost productivity and cut disability and workers compensation losses are relying on algorithms rather than a manager's hunch when hiring employees.

An effort to improve Textron Inc.'s workers comp claims outcomes by assigning nurses to every single case proved successful, driving the company to implement a similar strategy with its non-occupational disability cases and integrating both programs with its health benefits offerings. Now nurses form the core of Textron's integrated benefits program, helping assure workers get the health and productivity assistance they need. ›› More

The Disability Management Employer Coalition's focus on disability and absence best practices has spurred data analysis and metrics to help employers fully integrate their workers compensation, disability and absence management programs, says Marcia Carruthers, DMEC's CEO/president. ›› More