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How companies can protect their employees overseas and minimize international business travel risks

Employers face exposures to health and safety risks when their employees go abroad, especially to emerging nations, either as part of a corporate global expansion or for business travel.

  1. Identify & Analyze

    Mid-market firms can have overseas travel exposures

  2. Evaluate & Implement

    Insurance provides indemnification, other assistance

  3. Monitor & Adjust

    U.S., foreign laws could restrict foreign coverage

Keeping track of teams of business travelers on a global scale is a challenge for risk managers. ›› More

While large, multinational employers are familiar with the risks inherent in international business travel, midsize employers just beginning to send employees overseas are recognizing the need to manage this exposure. ›› More

Anti-U.S. sentiment throughout the world poses considerable risks for employees of middle-market companies traveling outside of the United States on business. ›› More

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Kidnapping of Canadian highlights risk of mining in Colombia

The recent kidnapping and release of Gernot Wober, vice president of exploration for Canadian gold explorer Braeval Mining Corp., by rebels in Colombia shows how risky overseas business travel can be in certain parts of the world.

Employers' “duty of care” to employees traveling abroad

This free webinar from International SOS, the world's leading international health care, medical assistance and security services company, addresses the duty of care and obligations a company has to protect its employees from risks while…

Whether a middle-market company is just starting to travel abroad or has already established a foreign presence, insurance is available to protect employees who travel internationally on business. ›› More

While most business travel and personal accident policies provide protection to employees and their families in the event of an accidental death or disability, the coverage may not cover minor illnesses or injuries that employees typically suffer while traveling. ›› More

Often referred to as “sleep well insurance,” kidnap and ransom coverage goes well beyond indemnifying policyholders for ransoms paid to kidnappers. ›› More

For U.S. executives assigned to work internationally, foreign voluntary workers compensation coverage can provide peace of mind and additional protections beyond domestic workers comp insurance if they're injured on the job. ›› More

International business travelers can encounter many risks in their journeys, from natural disasters to terrorism to health issues. Companies have moral, ethical and legal obligations to ensure the safety of their employees through best practices, says Chris Holt, consulting director on the crisis management team at Towers Watson & Co. ›› More

MetLife Inc. has announced a new agreement with Healthscope Ltd., an Australian health care company, to offer services to MetLife's expatriate benefits customers. ›› More

Editor's Picks: Online Solutions & Resources

U.S. government can be reliable source of information and advice

This web site from the U.S. State Department’s Bureau of Consular Affairs, provides up-to-date information to foreign business travelers about significant events occurring in the countries or regions to which they are planning to visit.

Local regulations governing the purchase of insurance can pose a challenge to multinational corporations attempting to arrange a single, global travel accident and health care policy for employees traveling internationally. ›› More

Corporations that have employees who work in threat-elevated areas must provide those employees with proper training and briefings before sending them into harm's way. Matt Rix, director of information for SBS Training Solutions, explains some of the ways corporations can protect themselves and their employees against threats. ›› More

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