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How the insurance industry can attract and retain top talent

Insurers and brokers can no longer solely rely on traditional sources to acquire and cultivate smart employees.

  1. Identify & Analyze

    Finding talent isn’t getting easier

  2. Evaluate & Implement

    Internal training can pay dividends

  3. Monitor & Adjust

    Going outside the industry brings new perspective

The educational foundation of The Council of Insurance Agents & Brokers — the Foundation for Agency Management Excellence, or FAME — has announced that 46 college students will receive $5,000 academic scholarships, the council announced Monday. ›› More

The insurance brokerage industry faces a constant struggle to recruit new sales talent, a struggle that often leads brokerages to look beyond the traditional sources of recruits to tap into other industries. ›› More

Getting college students interested in careers in risk management and insurance isn't the easiest task. ›› More

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MassMutual Recruits Teachers to Sell Insurance

Why do teachers leave academia to sell insurance? This Education Week blog post examines a “secondary market” for teachers looking for a new profession.

Alan Jay Kaufman is chairman, president and CEO of H.W. Kaufman Financial Group Inc. and its largest subsidiary, Burns & Wilcox. He recently spoke with Senior Editor Mark A. Hofmann about creating an internal educational resource — the Kaufman Institute — to provide continuing education for the company's employees. ›› More

Tim Bebout is vice president-strategic products at Munich Reinsurance Co.'s Hartford Steam Boiler Inspection & Insurance Co. unit. Mr. Bebout, an 11-year U.S. Navy veteran, recently spoke with Business Insurance Senior Editor Mark A. Hofmann about the special qualities military veterans bring to the insurance industry. ›› More

Editor's Picks: Online Solutions & Resources

Recruiting Veterans for Insurance Sales

Do veterans make good insurance salespeople? Here’s a resounding yes from a Vietnam War vet who found a rewarding career in insurance sales.