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‘Fixer Upper’ star Gaines caught in suit over upholstery


Nothing gets past HGTV’s Joanna Gaines, says the Delish celebrity news website, which reported Monday on a lawsuit that involves the type of animal hide used for chairs and sofas.

A judge recently ordered Ms. Gaines, who is not a party involved in the suit, to be deposed despite her objection and an unmet request for $150,000 to testify, the news site reported.

As the story goes, the “Fixer Upper” star had a deal to sell furniture for her Magnolia Home collection through Standard Furniture Manufacturing Co. Inc., which contracted with LF Products to make the chairs and sofas.

But when the LF Products shipment arrived, Ms. Gaines found that the products had not been made with the agreed-upon raw material: it was less-expensive water buffalo hide substituted for the agreed-upon and higher-end cow hide, according to Delish.

Standard Manufacturing then went on to sue LF Products to cover the costs, claiming in court documents the switch resulted in a color and finish inconsistent with the intended style and "substandard and unsalable," Delish reported.