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Travel insurance can be a party pooper for boozy holidays


Think your travel insurance will cover that drunken tumble on the dance floor while on vacation? Think again, according to an article posted Tuesday on BBC News’ website.

Many insurers have a clause in travel insurance policies that means coverage is refused if the policyholder's accident was caused by excessive alcohol, according to the article, which goes on to say the burden of proof is on the insurer.

And many claims wind up in court, according to BBC News, which highlighted a sampling of cases: a man who fell and hit his head after "drinking all night" was correctly refused travel insurance cover, an ombudsman ruled; another man who slipped over in a nightclub's toilets after a drink while on holiday should have been covered.

"Insurers may choose not to pay out if they believe someone's been drinking excessively, although this doesn't necessarily mean holidays should be totally alcohol-free," chief financial ombudsman Caroline Wayman told BBC News. "In each case, we'll need to carefully weigh up all the evidence to decide, on balance, whether the insurer has made the right call.”