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Driver without car insurance has license suspended until 2057


Caught 28 times driving without insurance coverage cost one Irish driver 40 years of legal driving privileges, the United Kingdom’s Metro news site reported Monday. 

Sean Coss, 25, has 121 driving offenses on record, including the multiple driving-without-insurance charges that cost him 1.4 years of legal driving per count, putting him behind the wheel legally no earlier than 2057 — when he’s 65, according to the news site. 

It wasn’t supposed to be that way.

A judge in Ireland initially sentenced Mr. Coss to five months of prison and a 20-year ban, the site reported. But last week Mr. Coss appealed the sentence. The judge responded by doubling the driving ban at the appeal hearing, according to the site. 

“He’s not a fit person to ever hold a license … 27 convictions for no insurance? That must be a record,” the judge reportedly said.