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Neighbors sue stinky port-a-potty business


Several homeowners in Pacific, Washington, are suing a nearby business that cleans and stores portable toilets over smells in the neighborhood, KOMO News reported on Wednesday. 

Northwest Cascade Inc., a 50-year-old enterprise, used to be a small sewage treatment facility until a few years ago when the owners expanded into the business of bathrooms, the station reported.

"The smells literally come in, engulf your home, engulf your area, engulf everything. Literally make you physically sick on a regular basis," Samantha Niemi, one of four plaintiffs in the lawsuit, told the news outlet. "It was morning, noon, and night. They were processing 24/7. The smell … it was just … it was awful. You were literally having to vacate your home on numerous occasions because the smell was so bad."

A judge reviewed the case on Friday and is expected to decide before October if it should be certified as a class-action lawsuit.

Meanwhile, company leaders stated they take odor mitigation seriously, per court documents accessed my KOMO News.