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Rubber Ducky, you’re not the one


A giant rubber ducky is causing oversize problems in Canada as it travels to various events being held in honor of Canada’s 150th birthday.

There has been a three-year “ugly war of words” in Canada between Dutch artist Florentijn Hofman and Craig Samborski, events producers for the Canada 150 celebrations, over who owns the copyright for the inflatable six-story duck, according to the Toronto Star.

An Ontario 150 event is using a CA$120,000 ($88,980) grant from provincial taxpayers to help cover the cost of bringing the duck to the Canada 150 birthday celebration.

Mr. Hofman said in a statement his original duck would have been available to Canada 150 instead of the “counterfeit” version, which he said is being rented out at “exorbitant rates against the wishes of its creator.”

But a co-owner of the duck being used described Mr. Hofman’s work as “napkin drawings,” and so they employed two other companies to build it.

In other words, those involved in the dispute are not “quacking up” over it.