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Self-injury with fallen sprinkler head lands comp fraudster in hot water


Office worker Sheyla Veronica White made sure no was one looking when she saw opportunity in the form a fallen sprinkler head that landed on her desk.

She looked left, then right, then grabbed the apparatus and conked herself on the head with it. 

She must have not known that her employer, Fort Lauderdale-based Cinque Terre Energy Partners L.L.C., had cameras installed and used the footage as the single most damning piece of evidence in her workers compensation fraud arrest.

Ms. White, whose arrest was featured in Friday’s reduceyourworkerscomp.com blog, which also aired the footage, served as a reminder to its readers: “Hitting Yourself Does Not Equal a Workers Comp Claim.” 

According to the blog, Ms. White was charged with two counts of workers comp fraud and faces up to five years in prison if convicted.