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Men sue Delaware lottery for refusing to pay winnings


What are the chances of winning the lottery twice in a row? Slim, according to the Delaware Lottery.

The lottery is now being sued for not paying $2 million in winnings that it claims were generated by a computer glitch that printed copies of tickets with matching, winning numbers, according to the News Journal of Wilmington, Delaware.

The lawsuit, filed Nov. 18 in Delaware Superior Court by John Brookings Jr. and Richard Spence, claims the men received two winning tickets, worth $1 million each, playing Keno, a bingo-style lottery game, in December 2015.

The Delaware Lottery refused to honor their tickets, according to the News Journal.

State Lottery Director Vernon Kirk, also named in the lawsuit, said in a statement in February that the winning tickets were the result of a computer malfunction that resulted in five tickets being generated with the same numbers over a period of about 20 minutes — and that such printings are null.

"The Lottery regrets any inconvenience caused to our players," the statement said.