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Human activity likely cause of Alberta wildfire

Posted On: Jun. 16, 2016 12:00 AM CST

Lightning was ruled out as a probable cause of the May 1 wildfire that destroyed parts of the Fort McMurray, Alberta, area.

Wildfire investigators for the province of Alberta, have concluded that the fire was likely caused by human activity. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police will determine if there is a link between the fire and a criminal offense. The police have not determined how the fire was started, RCMP said in a Tuesday statement.

The wildfire is estimated to cover 1.5 million acres. Currently there are 14 active wildfires in Alberta. The fires have not been classified as out of control, the Alberta government said in a Wednesday statement.

Losses have been estimated at $3.4 billion to $7 billion. According to Standard & Poor's Corp. reinsurers could take at least 50% of the loss.