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Golf courses' popular beverage carts under drone attack?


Risk managers the world over are coming to grips with the risks — and opportunities — posed by drone technology.

And the next time your broker suggests a round of golf, it might make sense to do a quick risk assessment in case any drones are buzzing around.

Players in Japan may now have another reason to shout “fore!,” according to TechCrunch.

Japanese online commerce firm Rakuten is participating in a new round of financing for Autonomous Control Systems Laboratory, a Japanese firm that develops robotics and drones for industrial purposes, according to TechCrunch, and, the site reports the two firms are taking an unusual approach to testing the drones.

From May, TechCrunch reported, the firms will test their drones on a golf course in Japan's Chiba prefecture.

Golfers will be able to order drinks, snacks or new balls via a smartphone app, and a drone will bring those items from clubhouse to golfer.

The website did not report, however, on whether the drones will be able to help with your swing or make sure you avoid sand traps.