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Man pays premiums for years after ditching car


Policyholders might want to think twice before tossing “junk mail” from insurers or, at the very least, check their bank statements once every few years.

Despite having canceled his account, Stanley Brown of Pickering in Ontario, Canada, recently learned he was still paying insurance premiums on the 1994 Plymouth Acclaim he got rid of nearly a decade ago, according to a report by CTV Toronto.

Mr. Brown said he ignored notices sent by the insurer, which wasn't named in the report, mistaking them for junk mail.

His wife, however, did open one of the letters to find the account was never closed and the company was still collecting payments.

A representative for the insurance company told CTV that Mr. Brown will be reimbursed more than $11,000 for the nine years after he informed them he canceled his policy.