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Festival visitors who parked on lake get cold reception


A number of festival goers reportedly were left out in the cold over the weekend when their cars fell into Wisconsin's Lake Geneva during a winter festival.

Up to 15 cars plunged into Lake Geneva on Feb. 6 after the Lake's thin ice cracked, according to media reports. WTMJ-TV in Milwaukee reported that Winterfest attendees parked on the lake because parking spots were limited on dry ground for the 21st annual festival.

While reports said a few of the submerged vehicles were able to be saved from the lake and driven home, a towing company operator told WTMJ that “none of these cars are salvageable.”

No festival attendees were hurt by the sinking cars, according to reports. However, one couple told WTMJ that the accident put their 33rd wedding anniversary celebration on ice.

“Worst anniversary ever!” Bryan Niermeyer told WTMJ.