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Gas station's name gits Cable Guy's attention


A Mississippi gas station trading on the “Git-R-Done” catchphrase has git-itself-sued by Larry the Cable Guy instead.

The lawsuit filed last month by the company of Daniel Lawrence “Larry” Whitney, aka Larry the Cable Guy, claims the Giterdone C-Store in Diamondhead, Mississippi, is violating its Git-R-Done trademark.

Mr. Whitney's company, Git-R-Done Productions, reportedly owns 23 U.S. trademark registrations and claims Mr. Whitney has used the optimistic turn of phrase since at least 2001.

According to media reports, the gas station began using the “Giterdone” phrase for promotion before it opened in 2013 and has appropriated the phrase for numerous promotional items since then.

Git-R-Done Productions claims damages in excess of $75,000 and asks that the gas station stop using its name, turn over profits, destroy any Giterdone merchandise and pay for legal fees, reports say.