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Tiger Woods slapped with slip-and-fall lawsuit


Golf star Tiger Woods is no stranger to legal battles, including landmark rulings on the use of his image and his rumored $100 million divorce settlement.

And now the sports star has another case to worry about — an allegation of negligence resulting in injury to a former employee, according to news reports.

John Davis, a retired police officer who worked as a security guard at Mr. Woods’ house in Jupiter Island, Florida, has filed a suit against Mr. Woods’ company, which owns the mansion, for compensation for injuries sustained in an accident in 2010.

Mr. Davis slipped while patrolling Mr. Woods’ property on Dec. 23 of that year and sustained injuries to his knee that have already required one surgery and will require further surgery this year.

Mr. Davis claims that a badly oriented sprinkler made a marble walkway so slippery that an accident was bound to happen.

Mr. Woods’ team counters, however, that Mr. Davis should have foreseen that the walkway was slippery and was responsible for his fall, reports said.