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Pro wrestlers sue WWE over concussions


Two former professional wrestlers have sued World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. for concussions they sustained during their careers.

Vito LoGrasso and Evan Singleton filed the lawsuit last week in U.S. District Court in Philadelphia alleging that the WWE engaged in a “campaign of misinformation and deception to prevent it's wrestlers from understanding the true nature and consequences of the injuries they have sustained.”

In the lawsuit, which seeks class action status and unspecified economic damages, Messrs. LoGrasso and Mr. Singleton contend they suffered “extreme physical brutality” during their time in WWE and that “the organization and its doctors and medical professionals have allowed events to continue” even after performers have sustained head injuries.

In a statement regarding the lawsuit, the WWE denied that it has concealed any medical information related to concussions from its performers and noted that it has committed significant funding for concussion research.

“Unlike contact sports, WWE performers are taught the art of perceived contact, which is cleverly choreographed,” the statement said. “However, there are still some unintentional risks associated with in-ring performances; as such, WWE has been well ahead of sports organizations in implementing concussion management procedures and policies as a precautionary measure as the science and research on this issue emerged.”