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OFF BEAT: Wimbledon turns up nose at hot tea, welcomes booze


Packing a Thermos full of tea is sufficient to get security officials to cry “foul” during Wimbledon.

According to the Daily Mirror, tournament officials have instructed guards to stop spectators from bringing their own hot drinks in the insulated containers into the stadium, citing security concerns. Officials fear the vacuum flasks “could potentially be used to similar effect” as the pressure cookers used to kill people at the Boston Marathon last year, the newspaper said.

While those fancying a cup of hot tea will have to shell out £2.20 ($3.75) for the privilege of purchasing a cup at the stadium, spectators in the mood for an adult beverage are in luck. Attendees of the two-week tournament are allowed to bring alcohol into the venue but are limited to “the equivalent of one bottle of wine or two 500 ml (17oz.) cans of beer per person.”

If you are keeping score at home, that’s “game, set and match” for boozehounds.