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OFF BEAT: Tweet tips Paris Hilton shoe marketer to competitor


Paris Hilton faces a $2 million lawsuit by a New York shoe company that alleges the celebrity partygoer kicked it to the curb and used another company to sell Paris Hilton-branded shoes in Europe.

Antebi Footwear Group L.L.C. filed a countersuit against Paris Hilton Entertainment Inc. last week in U.S. District Court in New York. The claims responded to an April complaint by Los Angeles-based Paris Hilton Entertainment Inc.

Ms. Hilton's suit alleges that Antebi failed to pay at least $1 million in royalties for Paris Hilton shoes that Antebi sold since 2007, court records show.

Antebi said in a 2012 news release Paris Hilton footwear collection shoes were selling for $59 to $195 a pair, and feature a “comfort pad sewn into the inner sole, making every step like walking on air.”

Antebi said it agreed to pay 8% of sales as royalties to Paris Hilton Entertainment.

However, Antebi alleges that it found out last September that Retouch Brands ApS was selling a competing line of Paris Hilton shoes in Europe under the Parisian Parc brand. Antebi said it was tipped off in part by a tweet from Ms. Hilton, saying, “Had an extremely successful business trip to Milan. All the buyers loved my new 2014 collection of @PHpurses, accessories and shoe lines. #YES.”

Antebi is seeking damages of at least $2 million for alleged breach of contract and defamation, based on claims in Ms. Hilton's original lawsuit, according to its complaint.